Meal Planning on a Budget Starter Pack
Meal Planning on a Budget Starter Pack
Meal Planning on a Budget Starter Pack

Meal Planning on a Budget Starter Pack

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If you've recently started budgeting then reducing your food budget is probably one of your goals right now. But I'm sure you've already realized, there are so many elements involved in reducing your reliance on takeout and restaurants. 

I realized this in my own life and from it came my book Meal Planning on a Budget. But not everyone needs or wants to read a book.

Enter, The Meal Planning on a Budget Starter Pack.

This 20-page digital download is packed with printables, resources, and encouragement to help you organize your meal planning and execute the plan with far less effort than you've used in the past.

This starter pack will help you:

  • Create a realistic starting point for reducing your food spending
  • Meal plan around what you already have & what's on sale
  • Maintain variety while ensuring you include family favorites
  • Figure out substitutions for expensive and obscure ingredients
  • Meal Prep efficiently without wasting food
  • Actually cook the meals you plan with groceries you've bought

You don't need to suffer through the frustration of good intentions turned to spoiled produce anymore! The Meal Planning on a Budget Starter Pack includes:

  • Weekly & Monthly Menu Planning
  • Grocery Expense Tracker
  • Kitchen Inventory Trackers
  • Favorite Recipe Record
  • Produce Seasonality Chart
  • Ideas for Repurposing Leftovers
  • Meal Prep Checklist
  • Pantry Essentials
  • & More!

If you're ready to reduce your spending and have more money to put to debt or savings then you're going to find real value here.